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About Us

We employ state of the art techniques and use many different modalities in order to ensure that our clients stay motivated, committed and remain focused on their lifestyle goals which results in lasting success. UpBeatFitness has had tremendous success in helping overweight adults and youths of all ages achieve a healthy weight, build muscle, develop better nutrition habits and improve their overall health and well being.WE ARE NOT A GYM, but rather a Fitness Lifestyle Center. Designing Custom workout and nutritional strategies to help you get to your goal. Our clientele are looking for something different than a gym atmosphere.  They are not just looking to “work out”.  Instead, they seek to overcome the roadblocks and barriers to lasting lifestyle change in a non-threatening , non-judgemental environment. UpBeatFitness is dedicated to providing quality and professional Lifestyle Coaching to help you reach your fitness and lifestyle goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Age, fitness level or experience are not an issue. We work with all types of clients including those with disabilities or other challenges.  Our staff is highly qualified and nationally certified and will motivate, educate and inspire you throughout your journey.

Dan Fudim, The Founder of UpBeat Fitness has over 10 years of professional experience at many of New York's top health clubs. After losing over 200 lbs himself he has since dedicated his life to helping others to achieve their fitness goals. We create custom workouts and custom nutritional strategies to help you get the body you have always wanted. 

Current Certifications are listed below.




Percision Nutrition


Crossfit level1

Kettlebell Concepts I&II


TRX Rip Trainer


Integrated Stretching




Do you want to trim and tone? Are you looking to build more muscle? Are you trying to get the “beach body ” that you have always wanted?  UpBeatFitness specializes in providing our clientele customized fitness programs that yield results!  Whether you are new to exercising, a weekend warrior, an athlete seeking to improve performance, training to run a marathon or wanting to fit into your favorite clothes again we will put you on the right track. We work with all ages including children and seniors regardless of fitness level.  We offer Private Fitness Training (New York Only), Custom Program design, Online Coaching , and Custom workout plans



Nutrition forms the foundation of our health. Therefore we focus on educating and advising our clients on proper dietary choices based on individuality. We do not employ the use of "fad diets", "crash diets" but rather encourage our clientele to follow a basic nutrition plan while making better food choices resulting in a healthier and stronger body.



Whether you want to shed a few pounds, maintain your current weight or gain weight, UpBeatFitness  can design a program that is specific to your needs and body composition.  We maintain an arsenal  of weight management tools available to help you start your journey and assist you along the way.  Partnered with one of our exclusive Fitness programs, your desired goals will be more attainable than ever before.

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