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Josh ,22

 Body Stats:

  • Before Weight: 190 lbs

  • After Weight: 178 lbs

  • Before Measurements:

    • 37 in. waist

    • 41 in. chest

  • After Measurements:

    • 35 in. waist

    • 27 in. chest

What has been your biggest struggle with losing weight and achieving your fitness goals? 

My biggest struggle was the outside environment that I live in. It’s not conducive to losing weight. Losing weight is a battle against the bright McDonald’s sign on the drive home, the friends begging you to come out for drinks, the buffet at the party... I never really understood how much our environment is set up to try and make us fail.

What made you want to change? 

I wanted to change to feel comfortable with how I viewed myself and how others viewed me. And I was actually just curious as to what I’d look like if I dropped some lbs!

What was your biggest concern before you began working with me? How did you overcome it?

Just thinking about the many times I had failed before and my pessimistic thinking that it will just be the same this time, only this time I’ll be spending more money just to fail again. But I decided I had to try and three months later I’m very happy I did.

What was the hardest thing for you to change in order to succeed? How did you do it?

My whole relationship with food had to change. I viewed some foods as angelic, some as Satan. That kind of relationship isn’t productive because you end up wanting what you can’t have more. Plus, I would feel genuine guilt for eating ‘bad’ foods, which led me to be afraid of actually recording them in MyFitnessPal, and to work with you I had to be honest about what I was eating and not feel any sort of guilt.

What was the lowest point of your journey? How did you overcome it? 

The lowest point was a few weeks in when I was binge eating during exams. I overcame it by waking up, turning over a new page and getting back into my regular diet plan which sorted out much of the stress I was feeling.

Did you achieve what you initially set out for? Was there anything positive you achieved that you didn't expect?

Yeah, I think that’s fair to say. I dropped about 12 pounds in the space of three months but built a great deal of muscle too. Clothes fit or fit better, I’m getting compliments from friends and family.

Looking back, was working with me what you thought it would be? Do you feel you made the right decision?

As I said before I was actually fairly pessimistic when it came to working with you – nothing personal, it’s just how I am! So yeah, it has greatly exceeded my expectations and I am so glad I did it. I’m now on track in my fitness journey and have strategies and advice that will last a lifetime.

What are your future health and fitness plans?

So, over the next few months I’m aiming for a goal weight between 165lbs-170lbs. When I hit that kind of weight I’ll be looking to find a happy maintenance level while still gaining muscle.

Ready to Lose Fat Once and For All?

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